CSDD is established as an autonomous space for the conduct of policy-relevant, cutting-edge research and innovation based actions on social and digital inclusion and development that is pertinent to the sustainable development need and challenges in the North East India Region and beyond.

Establishment of the CSDD will help intensify Northeast India’s institutional engagement with South and South East Asia and help forge strong linkages with these regions’ academic and research institutions.  The Council’s research activity is expected to help governments, civil society, the private sector, media, and the wider public in South Asia and South East Asia, to better understand existing issues and effective solutions and at the same time makes it easier for all partners to collaborate on these issues, stimulate joint research and projects.

Since it is envisaged to give experts in these regions access to the successful model of policy-relevant research in other parts of the world, the Council shall seek to increase the availability and reach of the work of regional scholars by helping them move beyond territorial boundaries.So as to bridge the distance between state and civil society, equal emphasis would be given to state or legal frameworks as well as community or people’s perspectives about aforesaid issues

Equally critical would be to forge linkages with International Networks, academic institutions/centres and Global Think Tanks.